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SoulPod Movie

SoulPod Movie - A Personal Touch!


What's a SoulPod Movie?

A SoulPod Movie places YOUR essence, spirit and soul at the centre of your business. Through exploring your story and facets of your inspiration, passions, and purpose a meaningful connection with your clients can be made within only a few minutes. A SoulPod Movie builds a sense of trust and authenticity through an online platform. It brings a human and ‘soulful’ element into the marketing of your business.

It is widely known that clients are driven not by the logical but by the emotional. A SoulPod Movie provides an opportunity to connect emotionally to your potential clients and allows them a glimpse into your world and inner working so clients know exactly who they are dealing with. With a SoulPod Movie you will be attracting like-minded clients who understand the values that motivate you. Heartfelt and passionate stories are woven together through a SoulPod Movie in a ‘real’ way with unscripted authenticity.

A SoulPod Movie is created using a mixture of quality footage taken in the environment that brings out the best in you and spliced with your voice and beautiful music. The package includes a professional studio setting, hair and make up, video editing services alongside the necessary technical support.

  • 1. Consultation

    We meet each other and have a chat about your movie's message. Set filming dates, times, locations and we go over exactly what is needed to create your movie.

  • 2. Filming

    The First film shoot is a 1hr unscripted interview in the studio or your place of work. Following two other film shoots of you in your own environment, highlighting the best in you.

  • 3. Editing Preview

    We sit down together to view the current material. Then together we do the final edit, as your creative input is very important.

  • 4. Go LIVE

    Once you are happy with your movie we help you with the "Go LIVE" process, such as placing your movie on your website, YouTube, Vimeo and other social media applications.


Ask for a

The cost of a SoulPod Movie depends on your requirements. The cost will cover Studio / On-location Footage, Logo Animation, Sound Track, Hair & Make-Up and Professional Editing. A quote will reflect exact requirements for each project.

Finance options are available via Fee Funders!

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