Creative Director

Tanya McQueen

Contact Details

Company: Global Spirit Films
Position: Owner / Director
Mobile: +64 (0)21 396776

About Tanya

Being the director of my own business is one of the most amazing journeys on this planet. Filming people and capturing their soul essence and watching them expand, and grow is such a wonderful gift. Showing business owners who they are, takes the meaning of my life to that next level of living.

Global Spirit was a dream of mine 15 years ago, all I knew at that stage was that Global Spirit was about connecting people on the internet, in a way that had never been done before. All I had to do was wait, and I knew the rest would be shown, and given in the perfect time frames.

When I was selling insurance I decided to do a Diploma in Film Making, just so I could learn how to edit better as I loved making movies at home for myself. It was in this process of making a logo animation for an assignment that Global Spirit Films was born. It took me another 4 years to put together my business, of connecting people on the Internet.

Its my future dream, that all business owners have "SoulPod Movies" on their website. I want the business world to operate from a place of professionalism, connectedness and realness. When you deal with clients who resonate with you, the whole business experience is a joy. You get to make money and love what you do, with the people you love, it just works! That is what I call "true abundance" in the business world.

Just imagine a business world with people who are connected to “who they really are”.